About us

Waffle Capital Lt. is a BVI incubator fund that is strategically investing in the most promising native assets and protocols within the Cardano ecosystem.

Why Cardano

At Waffle Capital, we see Cardano's blockchain ecosystem as a prime opportunity for discerning investors. Stemming from rigorous academic research and evidence-driven methods, Cardano offers superior open-source blockchain capabilities. Its efficient Proof-of-Stake protocol, Ouroboros, ensures robust system resilience and reduces energy consumption, standing out from rivals like Bitcoin.

We appreciate Cardano's unique eUTXO model which enhances smart contract security and transaction efficiency. The ascent of its DeFi ecosystem, supported by advanced technology and a dedicated community, emphasizes its pivotal role in the evolving financial landscape, marked by a rising TVL and a burgeoning array of dApps.

With a combined decade of expertise in Cardano, we believe investing in it is not merely adopting an eco-friendly, scalable blockchain — it's strategically aligning with the future of finance. Our team's insights position us to capitalize on emerging opportunities in this ever-evolving domain.